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We offer a range of services to support business using the Shopify platform.

Custom theme design, customer automation, managing subscribers, product management.

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eCommerce Features

Integrate new features using a combination of apps and theme integration for your Shopify site.

Implement a catalogue filter based on product or service specific content.

Implement a subscription based service for your product.

Add multiple payment options based on your preferences and what is available on your eCommerce platform.

Product & Service Design

Show of your products or services with a customised layout design.

Add a related products or services navigation feature.

Source imagery for your products or services.

Customised blocks of information about your products or services. Includes download content buttons, time-based information or unique data related to each products.

Attach testimonials to your site and products or implement a review application to allow for customer reviews.

Prominent call to action buttons for enquiry or sales.

Categorisation & Research

Create dynamic product category mapping to improve the changes a user will find a product. This informs site search and navigation.

Create a tagging system for product pages for navigation, search and product catalogue.

Customer Automation

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Product Catalogues

Get customers to your products faster with an integrated product search based on keywords.

Create a related products feature based on meta data .

Map your product categories ready for your site search or navigation.

Special Offers & Promotions

Launch a competition via your site, and promote the competition to your customers.

Create a custom landing page or micro-site to promote a new product or service.

Highlight a sale on your site with custom banners, or a visual landing page.