Maintenance & Support

Keep your website and information up to date with a digital maintenance plan.

Plans start with a basic (keep the lights on) plan to monitor the website for seucirty issues, broken links and standard reporting on performance.

We can also offer varying levels of content support from assistance with formatting & uploading, to formulating a content plan and generating content.

System, Feature & Security Updates

Ensure your sites SSL certificates are installed and maintained.

For WordPress sites, ensure your sites plugins and associated applications are kept up to date.

Periodically test the key features of your site including enquiries, navigation and purchasing to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible.

Editing & Content Updates

Updates to exsiting content sections, add/remove content as well as training for your team to update a website.

No Content

Create new users for your site, including training if required.

Ensure your staff are well equipped to edit and manage your site with customised training sessions.

Update the format of your web pages.

Product & Service Updates

Creation of new content from product information and descriptions, documents (PDF). Can be done as a time-based project or on a regular basis depending on your needs.

Source assets and publish new product or service information to your site including images, content and layout.

Write persuasive and technical product descriptions.

Source new images for your products by updating an existing photo set, designing illustrations, sourcing stock photography or taking new photos in collaboration with a photographer.

Format content to maximise readability for mobile phones and SEO.

Real-Time Support

Configure your site with Google Analytics to capture and monitor site traffic and trends.

Monitor the site using an UpTime monitor. Catch issues with the site as soon as they occur.

Monitor entry to your site though search engines.

Monitor links to your site using a backlinks monitor such as ahrefs or a similar tool.

Identify and address bugs or gremlins that creep into any site over time.