Develop your website

Upgrade your current site with new features, content or refresh your website with a new design or a content refresh.

I mainly support WordPress, Shopify (eCommerce) and Wix platforms but can work with most established CMS platforms. Some of the website update and development services offered include:

Website Theme Design & Layout

Customise your website look and feel to your brand or identity. More than fonts and colours, a good theme and layout design will set your business apart and make a lasting impression.

Every website has a theme that controls the visual design and layout of a website. A website theme can be custom-designed or adapted from purchased templates.

Good website navigation is crucial for user experience, as it helps users find the information they are looking for quickly and easily. It also helps search engines understand the structure and organization of a website, which can improve search engine optimization (SEO). Navigation can be presented in different formats, such as dropdown menus, tabs, sidebars or even hamburger menu for responsive design.

The primary menu, mobile menu & footer are standard navigation elements used on almost every website. Whether it’s s smaller website under 10 pages, or a more complex site, having an easy to understand, simple and usable navigation is a big factor in the experience of using your website.

Defining the layout of the site is an important first step in organising the sites components and content, and form the foundation for the site theme. Wireframes are a more advanced visual representation of a website’s layout and structure and are used to communicate the overall layout and organization of your site.

We can undertake initial research into the current trends in your industry are, and provide examples of sites that are well design, optimised for SEO and achieve the key goals for the site, the most important being the audience completing their task or transaction.

Advanced Navigation

Larger website require more than just the standard navigation features, introduce advanced navigation features to ensure your audience can find what they’re looking for.

For large informational or product websites, a defined information architecture defines how the site information will be structured and informs the site navigation.

Larger sites with complex navigations can benefit from a mega menu that is designed to display the full menu instantly, and profile some key content for each section such as featured products are latest news.

Ensure your audience are directed to related information like similar products or services, links to content mentioned on that page or a link to a contact point.

If you update information on your site on a regular basis, make sure your users never see the dreaded 404 ‘Page not Found’ by implementing a redirection list.

Implement elements to your site navigation to ensure it meets accessibility standards including keyboard & screen reader accessibility features such as correct labelling, skip to content links and tab friendly menus.

Ensure your audience can find what they are looking for with a site search.

Provide access to your menu from anywhere on the site with a sticky menu. Sticky menus can save time on scrolling back to the top of a page.

Visual Pages & Sections

Supercharge your homepage, key landing and campaign pages with well designed visually appealing pages built with a visual editor. Content Management Systems like WordPress and Shopify have add-ons while all-in-one systems like Wix have them in built.

Depending on the system, I can assist with the set-up of your chosen CMS or if it’s WordPress, manage the initial installation and setup.

The website theme can be simple and based on an initial template, or highly customised and unique to your business.

Implement the standard template which includes the site header, footer, navigation and other standard page elements.

If your site will utilise visual elements like carousels, full width images and more, I can set-up a visual editor to allow for visually designed content.

Security & Data Protection

Keep your website, accounts and data safe by ensuring that data is backed-up, secure and hard to access. Most websites require a basic level of security like SSL (for safe browsing).

Install an SSL certificate for your site meet the security requirements for most modern websites.

Keep your accounts secure with two factor authentication.

For websites hosted with cPanel, configure your primary contact and enquiry accounts with the necessary authentication to minimise the risk of emails being sent to spam folders.

Implement a dedicated security monitor to looks for unusual activity on your site and alert an administrator. Security monitors can restrict administrative access to specific countries, identify vulnerabilities and in some cases prevent an attack. Preferred service is UpTime Monitor.

Data compliance refers to the adherence to laws, regulations, and guidelines regarding the collection, storage, and use of data on a website. While GDPR mainly applies to businesses in Australia with a European customer base or viewership, many countries are adopting and enhancing their data compliance laws, including Australia.

Event Management

If you regularly hold events, upload events and add event specific information and links to booking management. Promote events like conferences, courses, information sessions and more with an integrated booking system or linking to an external booking system like Eventbrite.

Promote your next seminar, concert, conference or festival with an event page which typically includes details about the event’s date, location, schedule, and ticketing information, as well as other relevant information such as the event’s organizer, sponsors, and speakers.

An event calendar is a schedule of upcoming events or activities, typically displayed in a calendar format. It can be used to organize and plan events, and can be shared with others to communicate the schedule. Event calendars can be found online, in print, or in digital formats such as mobile apps. They can be used to plan personal events, such as birthdays and appointments, or to plan events for organizations, such as business meetings and conferences.

Event booking systems can be in-built or integrated with other systems like EventBrite or Moshtix. Solutions like Wix have event management built-in while WordPress has multiple plugins to support event management.

News & Media

Building on the core CMS, a range of website features can be added based your business and your needs. Includes bookings systems, news and social media integration, event managers and so much more.

Keep your customers and viewers up to date with the latest news about your organisation.

Update your audience with the latest news and updates about your organisation. Keep your customers updates with important announcements, new products or services, showcase your expertise in a certain field or provide an update on a important event or milestone.

Display all of your news and updates in one place with a consolidated news feed. Show all your news articles, feature a specific article or post and include your social media feeds.

Connect your website with your social media feeds including integrating your social media post into your website and publish social media posts directly from your site. You can also promote other to share your content via their own social media feeds.

Take your news article to the next level with imagery, integrated data, pull quotes and related links.

Custom Features & Templates

Add customised profiles of your people.

For organisations with a membership model. Implement member-only content based on whether a member has signed up to your site.

Add a finder for stores, suppliers and more with a customised location finder. Relevant to wholesale suppliers.

Forms, Enquiries & Lead Generation

Capture valuable leads and support form features like applications, competition entires and general enquiries.

An enquiry form typically includes fields for your audience to ask a question, enter their contact information and include additional information to help you answer the enquiry. You can nominate who receives the enquiry either sent directly to an email address, into a CRM or grouped via an automation process.

Complex forms can be broken up into multiple stages and can display form sections based on a selection or answer. Complex forms can include applications, registrations or surveys.

Contact details can be displayed in multiple locations across the site, including custom solutions for mobile phones. Place your contact details in the website footer, on a dedicated contact page or via a quick access tool (great for mobile phones).

Include a chat module into your site to provide real-time replies to enquiries. More advanced chat applications can ask a series of introductory questions to better assign customer chats.

Collate all of your common enquiries and knowledge into a dedicated support channel. Also known as FAQ’s, these articles can provide information without the need for a general enquiry and also help your site with SEO.

We can create a customised maintenance plan, from basic updates to more involved support..

Choose from security updates, display & bug fixes, on-demand content updates, product and services management and more.