Content & SEO

Develop a versatile business profile including your description, messaging, key imagery brand assets and templates. Well established profile content can support your digital and social profiles, promotional material in addition to your website.

I can work with you to develop your business profile materials, content and visual assets to launch or update your website, support your social and digital profiles and more.

Content services offered include:

Business Profile & Persuasive Content

Starting with a basic business profile, I can work with you to develop persuasive content to promote what your business does.

A digital profile consists of some introductory text about the business, that can be used as website materials as well as across multiple platforms like social media, and external profile directories like a Google Business profile, Yellow Pages or HiPages.

I can create, illustrate or source visual assets like icons, diagrams or photos to include with your digital profile.

Define what is unique to your business and provide language and imagery to illustrate these points.

Source and publish testimonial content from satisfied customers. Testimonials are often well received and provide evidence of customer satisfaction with your products or services.

Quick facts outline key aspects of your business. Examples include the number of operation, audience or membership figures, rankings and more.

Images & Visual Assets

From collecting and coordinating all of your existing assets, to growing you visual asset library with new images, video and illustrations, having a well defined visual library will make is easier use across a range of medium.

Build an image library from images you’ve already taken internally with a professional photographer.We can add to the library working with an external photographer and in some instances take new images.

I can transform or edit video content you have in your library ready for web product. This includes transcription.

Customised illustrations can add value to your brand. Vector based illustrations are great for websites as they are small in size which is great for site speed.

Logo & Brand Development

Designing a logo can range from initial concept development to a broader implementation across multiple channels and physical assets. We can take an existing logo and create a full-service logo suite and work with you to develop a new logo for your business.

Create a new logo or take your logo to the next level with a digital logo suite, ready for all channels.

Create a suite of brand assets for your website and print material.

Presentations & Reports

Benefit from presentation and report templates, or I can work with your team to develop, design and typeset digital and print material.

Make your presentation templates stand out with a customised presentation template.

Designed for digital or print, a product or service catalogue can outline your offer and be sent directly to customers.

I can work with your team to develop an Annual Report both digital and in print.